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Solving Social Care Funding Crisis

012_CYP_260219 Analysis EF This is a link to a pdf of an article in March 2019 Children and Young People Now Magazine. It contains ten “common sense” commercial ideas for local authority commissioners and strategists as to how to go about addressing the funding crisis.  

Vulnerable children failed by poor journalism.

Less than three weeks ago the Sun missed an opportunity to dig into the real causes of the crisis in funding for services for children in care, opting instead for sensationalist headlines while using poor evidence. Today the Guardian similarly produced an article that fails our most vulnerable children because it fails to understand the […]

Time to stop the division

As lobbying hits full speed ahead of the next budget, including an open letter to Downing Street this week from 120 children’s charities and others we unfortunately also saw a wholly unhelpful article about fostering in the Sun. Misinformed, using discredited figures, and unhelpful, nay damaging, to the very children and families it seeks to […]