Today sees the release of the second update report in this series of studies for the Local Government Association.


In this work we are commissioned to provide financial indicators about the largest children’s services sector providers. This can be a technical area and we urge readers to take care in their use and interpretation of the content. We’re always ready to help users to understand the work and invite you to contact us with questions and clarification requests.

This is all the more important as we have seen evidence in the social media and elsewhere that misstates our findings in previous reports. At this time of particular focus on the sector from the Independent  Review and the CMA it is essential that this information is correctly understood.

We are planning a further webinar to discuss findings. If you are interested to attend please email or use the details on our contact page.


We are also interested to hear from organisations that would like to see this type of study repeated on a regular basis and who may be interested in becoming shared owners of the information and analysis.