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Additional workshop – Children’s Social Care contracting

The first two workshops in March 2024 were oversubscribed. Individual authorities and regional groups are taking the model forward. We undertook to those unable to secure a place at the first two workshops to run an additional event.   This is scheduled for 9th April, 10:30-11:30.   Please contact us to secure a place: contact@revolution-consulting.org […]

Children’s Social Care: Do you want to get commercial arrangements out of the way?

New local partnership agreements are needed between purchasing authorities and independent providers. Many local authorities find capacity in local independent provision to be unavailable, often due to places being in use by other local authorities from further afield. Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems do not offer incentive to local providers to grant preferred access to […]

Profit and Debt in children’s social care – there are solutions

Alt Profit Making and Risk in Independent Children’s Social Care Placement Providers final 2023 There are solutions. On the face of it our latest study of the financial reporting of the larger children’s social care providers seems to indicate that, despite the plethora of studies and reviews and recommendations in recent years, the provider sector […]

Profit and Debt in Children’s Social Care May 2023

For several years Revolution Consulting has been studying the published financial statements of the largest providers of children’s social care services in the UK, with results published by the Local Government Association and others. We’ve recently been revisiting all of the new information filed at Companies House since the Competition and Markets Authority reported on […]

State of the children’s residential care sector 2023

Today sees the release of the 9th “State of the sector” report by the Children’s Homes Association. The results are based on a comprehensive annual survey of the association’s membership, a large majority of which are small organisations, often operating only one or two homes. The smaller providers make up a significant majority of the […]

Where next for children’s services commissioning?

Today sees the publication of our State-of-the-sector market study of children’s homes, commissioned by ICHA. ICHA May 2022 final This comprehensive study enhances the information available to policy makers as they consider the many recommendations arising from the CMA and the Independent Care Review, both of which placed primary importance on the perspective gained from […]

Protecting children from market dynamics

Profit Making and Risk in Independent Children’s Social Care Placement Providers FINAL 2022 Our latest update for the Local Government Association confirms the growth in size and profitability of the largest children’s services providers. The CMA have recommended actions to address the imbalance they described in the sector, but in our view these do not […]

Implications of CMA report

In this month’s CYPNow – a discussion of the remedies proposed by the CMA’s interim report. https://www.revolution-consulting.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/CYP_Commissioning_Dec21-CH.pdf More than 9 months into the Independent Review, the CMA are clearly signalling that they will be handing a set of recommendations for improvement in local authority market engagement early in 2022. Anyone who has been around the […]

Profit and Debt in children’s social care latest

Today sees the release of the second update report in this series of studies for the Local Government Association. Projects In this work we are commissioned to provide financial indicators about the largest children’s services sector providers. This can be a technical area and we urge readers to take care in their use and interpretation […]